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Qeshm Island
KOLO · 30. April 2024
I was cooking on the kitchen and repeating for yourself that the main thing is to cook with love - then it turns out tastier and the process itself becomes enjoyable. But the protesting inner voice kept trying to convince of something else - you are stuck in everyday life and you are losing the most interesting moments of life! My thoughts were interrupted by a husband's phone call. His friends from Tehran decided to abandon life in the capital and moved to live on the island of Qeshm.
24. May 2019
в начале 19 века в персидской живописи появилась особая помпезность, так называемый «каджарский стиль». Его создателем был главный придворный художник Михр Али. Благодаря его работам о Фатх Али-шахе и его любви к изысканным нарядам узнал весь мир.

Postcard · 22. September 2018
Моя жизнь в Иране.