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5 must see places in Belarus
KOLO · 29. January 2024
When we were just planning to visit Belarus, everyone asked in surprise: “What to do there?” After all, many believe that Belarus is closer to Europe only geographically, and Minsk is still the Soviet Union. Oh yes, the roads are good, everything is clean, but in general it’s boring and everything is very authoritarian. But all these arguments only fueled the interest to see what was really going on there?
Five self-care tips from Chinese women
HURMA · 05. December 2023
Chinese women knows the secret of health and happiness does not lie in radical diets and extreme workouts that prove impossible to stick to. The key is to implement small daily measures that are simple, pleasurable, and fit effortlessly into everyday life. Think about how daily teeth-brushing has become a habit for most of us. Do this and you’ll set yourself up for good mood, even on the dark days.

Planning a greener getaway
HURMA · 14. November 2023
First, let’s acknowledge that there is no truly green holiday, only shades of grey. At home or away, each one of us is a net drain on the planet’s finite resources. But small changes can make a big difference, and travellers today are more willing to scale back their consumption. We might opt for environmentally friendly travel in future, such as taking buses and trains to cut down on airplane carbon emissions.
Northern Iran
HURMA · 25. August 2023
What is life in Iran along the Caspian Sea?

The spirit of Haida
HURMA · 07. February 2023
What do you see when you look at Haida paintings? Another hidden picture? Geometric shapes and red and black colors? Yes, this is the Haida style, which was created and preserved to this day by the native inhabitants of North America, the Haida tribe. They decorated their own bodies with such drawings.
Chinese New Year
HURMA · 29. January 2023
Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is the most important festival in China and a major event in some other East Asian countries.

08. September 2018
С помощью бывших сослуживцев по казачьей дивизии в 1921 году, в разгар смуты и внешней интервенции, один из казаков, иранский офицер Реза Пехлеви, с боями занял столицу Тегеран. Он был назначен военным губернатором и главнокомандующим, а через некоторое время — военным...
08. August 2017
Взглянув на Эйфелеву башню после багета и бросив монеты в Фонтан Треви, любопытные путешественники все чаще ищут восток для вдохновения. В 2017 году Краков опередил другие польские города и попал в тройку самых посещаемых туристами. На Рыночной площади опытные рестораторы еще усерднее конкурируют друг с другом и стараются удивить гурманов не только вкусом блюд, но и интерьером заведения. Старые пекарни уже с самого утра зазывают запахом свежей выпечки и кофе.