Five self-care tips from Chinese women


Chinese women knows the secret of health and happiness does not lie in radical diets and extreme workouts that prove impossible to stick to. The key is to implement small daily measures that are simple, pleasurable, and fit effortlessly into everyday life. Think about how daily teeth-brushing has become a habit for most of us. Do this and you’ll set yourself up for good mood, even on the dark days.



1. Five minute eye massage


Every student who attended public school in China learned the eye massage. It consists of four segments of stimulating different pressure points with your eyes closed, and the whole thing takes less than five minutes.


The eye massage, or 眼保健操 (yǎn bǎo jiàn cāo) uses Chinese acupressure technique to release tension from eye muscles, increase facial circulation, and refresh your mind with a little break in the day.



2.  Soften up your exercise routine


Have you ever seen fat Chinese women? I haven't seen yet. And it all because they choose mild forms of exercise such as yoga and Qi Gong - exersices, that help relax body and mind to ease the stresses of daily life.


Qi Gong is the use of breath work for self-healing and is one of the pillars of Chinese medicine. If you visit China, every morning you'll see the public parks filled with locals moving as one in a languid, bewitching dance.


Tai chi has a positive effect on muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. It improves fitness and endurance levels of the heart and lungs. 



3. Healthy and Mindful Eating


A balanced and nutritious diet promotes healthy Qi flow. Focusing on colorful, seasonal and natural ingredients is essential to health and longevity. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, organic, pasture-raised meat and poultry and wild and sustainably caught fish are just some of the natural foods to base Chinese women diet around. Mindful eating is also key to appreciating food and where it comes from and for optimal digestion. 



4. Skincare with SPF


Women from China have traditionally valued pale skin, so they go to great lengths to protect their skin from the sun's damaging rays. In Asia, pale skin is associated with wealth, while tanned skin is associated with manual labor. The average Asian woman, and increasingly the men too, wear layers of SPF and UVB every time they leave their home.



5. Drink warm water, tea, or soup at mealtimes.


Chinese and many other East and Southeast Asian cultures agree that ingesting warm liquids balances your body’s physical and energetic temperature. Teas and soups are balance a meal and aid in digestion.


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